Jyoti meditation

Jyoti meditation (meditation on light)

This meditation is given by the Avatar of our age SAI Baba.

He said that this is the best and powerful meditation for modern man.

This meditation consists of several parts: the introductory part (settings), purification (21OMKAR)
and the main part (concentration).

The introductory part sets us on a wave of divine thought

21 Omkar is a very powerful practice of purification of human energy bodies.

According to the Vedic science of man consists of 21 aspect – 5 outer senses, 5 inner senses, the 5 natural elements, 5 body-shell, and the Divine spirit.

Singing 21 Om sounds, we purify all aspects and are filled with divine energy.

The main part is the concentration on the Light, and work with the energies of Light.

Meditation starts every day at 5: 30 Moscow time, and takes 30 minutes.

Conducts meditation Master Omra, intuitive psychologist, a Master of Light energy.

Meditation will take place through sound chat messengers Telegram or WhatsApp.

Physically, participants will be far away,

but energetically it will be one group, which will enhance the energy of each individual in geometric proportions.

The master will guide and organize the interaction of practitioners, help each participant to develop and learn this meditation.

Feedback from practitioners will be mandatory.

What will this meditation give?

Meditation on light-will clear energy bodies and will hold recharge, with minus on plus.

You will feel joy, lightness and fullness of divine energy. Intuition will develop.

When you start to get up regularly in the morning and practice meditation, your life will get better because you will get into the rhythm of the Universe.

And, in your life there will be harmony!! IN a number -OK!!!

How to join an online group?

You can join any day. You need to register by mail masterenergiisweta@gmail.com Oh?

The cost of participation in the practice every day -30 days-2000 rubles, every other day-15 days-1000 rubles.